make women want to fuck

M'make any girl want to fuck' reportake women want to fuck… hmmm, the age old question huh!

What, you don’t have the answer? Despite it being the most concise, and crude, wording of the problem, it is becoming of a much large problem – one that can include love, sex, relationships, power, sociology, psychology, genetics and more! So, where to begin?

How to make women want to fuck

Well, the base answer, i.e. the one that the lowest common denominator will relate to, would be one explaining how you can get girls to fuck you as easily and quickly as possible, and be damned with the larger questions of what happens afterwards, what if they are already married or how to even do the deed successfully! While i think all parts are important, lets cut to the chase…

And the chase is, it depends. If you are at a bar or a bus stop, if your teenage or old-age, if you’re in the West or the Middle-East, and what type of girl she is. But don’t let that deter you! Here is my most generalized pickup plan to make women want to fuck me:  Be capable and lovable

For more, visit the make any girl want to fuck ya home page.

Making a girl want to fuck

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