Make any girl want to fuck

You want her but you think you don’t have enough in you to make her want you. This article will help you look at aspects of your personal self that you might need to improve in order for the girl of your dreams to seek you. Give them a shot and who knows? You might just settle down with her in the nearest future.

Exert effort to get to know your girl. - A girl appreciates it so much when she is given attention and when she sees that you have the effort and time to get to know her on a more personal level. This just means that you are genuinely interested in her and that she has captured your attention. A girl loves to feel important and if you exert effort in doing so, you’ll endear yourself to her. Give it a shot and see for yourself.

Get to know her family - A girl would definitely want to get to know you better if she sees that you care for her family as well. Remember that one of the ways to capture a girl’s heart is by loving her family. She may not have the best family members in the world but just seeing how you exert the effort and time to get to know her family would surely melt her heart. In most cases, the approval of family members towards a possible new family member is important to your girl too.

No pretensions. - Any girl would want someone who doesn’t need to pretend and cover up things about the real you. The girl would like it better for you to show your real self rather than pretend and be someone else you are not.

It is important that you show your girl the real you because in this way, she will be able to decide fairly and rightly about your intentions towards her. In the end, no secret remains as such forever so better show your girl the real you before everything ends in the dumps.

Don’t imply, be honest. This video shows you what i mean:

Now Listen Carefully-

How would you like to discover an earth shattering secret that will make any and every girl chase you around like crazy even if you are fat, bald or plain ugly.

Do not do anything else in your life unless you read each and every word on the next page first.

In the world of attracting women, you are either going to be a casualty or you’re going to be a hero. Be a hero by unmasking the truth about who you really are and what you’re about.

Do you have a habit of allowing people including women to define you or do you go out and create your own definition.

You know what: The sad state of affairs in today’s marketplace of manhood is that so many are sinking so fast, it not even funny.

The minute some are faced with a small challenge like a woman’s rejection, they personalize it and it becomes a permanent mantle on the fireplace within their minds.

This is weak thinking. You cannot be successful in your life or career until you know how to relate to women and become successful with them.

This is a fact.

Your relationship with women is a direct reflection of EVERYTHING else that is going on in your life. If you are failing with women, your life is more than likely in the pits.

Why am I so sure? Everything that a man does is because he wants the admiration of women. Men are driven to pleasure women. It’s biologically innate and it forms the foundation for everything else in a man’s life.

You are either attaching yourself to a negative nag or you are being the kind of man that a woman can admire.

The fastest way to pickup a girl is to challenge her. Most men have no idea how to do this. They either get all tongue tied like a shy little girl or they come off as a complete jerk.

Men who are trying to be a sissy will get kicked to the curb. I would never advocate you being a bad boy, you just need to find a balance and strike it when it’s hot.

When you challenge a woman, you cause her to become emotionally dependent on you because it sends a message to her brain that you have guts.

Again it goes back to the emotional wiring in women to feel attraction when she can admire a man.

This is the exact reason why some men try to show off to get a woman to like them. You don’t need to be a show off, you just need to act like a real showcase and you’ll get all he girls you want.

Here’s a video (in Dutch, ok but you get the point) that illustrates this perfectly:

M'make any girl want to fuck' reportake women want to fuck… hmmm, the age old question huh!

What, you don’t have the answer? Despite it being the most concise, and crude, wording of the problem, it is becoming of a much large problem – one that can include love, sex, relationships, power, sociology, psychology, genetics and more! So, where to begin?

How to make women want to fuck

Well, the base answer, i.e. the one that the lowest common denominator will relate to, would be one explaining how you can get girls to fuck you as easily and quickly as possible, and be damned with the larger questions of what happens afterwards, what if they are already married or how to even do the deed successfully! While i think all parts are important, lets cut to the chase…

And the chase is, it depends. If you are at a bar or a bus stop, if your teenage or old-age, if you’re in the West or the Middle-East, and what type of girl she is. But don’t let that deter you! Here is my most generalized pickup plan to make women want to fuck me:  Be capable and lovable.

For more, re-read the make any girl want to fuck ya beginning of home page or watch the video below:

black video start screen


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